The behavior of digging and creating rubble out of your well-tended garden is generally associated with typical canine behavior. But, many cat-owners would agree that this behavior is not unnatural even amongst cats. Cats can also dig your flowerbeds and reduce your yards to an ungainly pile of litter and mess. Many cat owners are bothered by such a behavior in their domesticated felines. It is especially upsetting, if your pet goes and tries his hands at your neighbor’s manicured lawn with the freshly mowed flowerbeds. Check out some tips that will help you to stop such digging problems in your cat.
  • Bury some chicken wire in areas where he constantly digs, and cover it with mud and dirt. The wires will prick and prevent him from digging.
  • Sprinkle some black or cayenne pepper on the soil. Smell of pepper will repel kitty from the garden.
  • Place some mothballs or moth crystals in the garden. Cats don’t like their smell and will avoid them.
  • You can also try mixing pieces of orange/ lemon peels with the mud. The rinds with their pungent smell will help to fend off kitty from the garden.
  • Plant popsicle sticks or some plastic forks (pointing upwards) randomly in the garden or near your flowerbeds to deter cats.
  • Provide your cat with a digging box topped with freshly tilled earth. He can use it to give vent to his digging behavior whenever required.
  • Provide the kitty with a clean litter box and fresh litter, for evacuating. In case, the box is dirty, he will prefer your clean flowerbeds to the box.
  • Most importantly, get rid of rodents and little critters in your garden. This way, the garden won’t hold his fascination for long.

Try these safe tricks and dissuade kitty from despoiling your landscaped garden