Relative of the Cat: Hyenas look remarkably similar to dogs, but in fact are more closely related to cats. Fur color is sandy to gray-brown with dark spots. The front legs are relatively long in comparison to the hind legs, giving this animal a distinct profile. Africa is their usual home base, but some hyenas can be found in southern parts of Asia.

Built to Kill: In packs hyenas are formidable hunters and can take down animals as large as zebras. They are also talented scavengers and have no fear when protecting a kill from other animals, even lions. Their jaws have bone-crunching strength and their digestive systems are adapted to digest bone and skin, animal parts that other predators cannot handle.

Hysterical Hyenas: The largest species of hyena is the spotted hyena, which can weigh over 150 pounds. The spotted hyena shows submission to other members of the pack by emitting a variety of sounds, the most famous being the hyena's laugh.