Webbed for Water: Ducks are classified in the group called waterfowl or wildfowl. Ducks and other waterfowl members are made for the water.
Their web feet propel them through the water, and with their streamlined body and thick plumage making them extremely buoyant, ducks easily glide through the water. Only three toes are webbed. The unwebbed hind toe, which is raised, helps ducks walk on land, giving them a distinctive waddle.

Above and Below: They can be found in freshwater wetlands, estuaries and coastal waters. The surface of the water provides their food, although some ducks will dive underwater to gather their meal. With so much natural buoyancy, diving ducks must expel air before plunging below the surface.

At Home in the Air: Waterfowl are also at home in the air and many ducks migrate thousands of miles from wintering homes and breeding areas. Some species of waterfowl can reach speeds exceeding 60 mph while in flight.