The Balinese breed originated in early 1900s as a spontaneous longhaired mutation of the Siamese cat. A Siamese with long hair was registered with CFF in 1928, but it wasn’t until 1940’s that the long-haired version was promoted as a breed.

Balinese is dainty and aristocratic in Appearance with a long body, head, legs, and tail. The Balinese has a fine and silky, single coat lying close to the body, with hair length between half an inch to two inches on the body. They are characterized by their long, plume tail. Balinese come in variety of colors like blue, chocolate, lilac, seal, lynx, cream and red.

Balinese cats are demonstrative, affectionate and extremely intelligent cats with a healthy curiosity. They are known for their ability to communicate vocally. Balinese are agile leapers. They also seek attention.