American Bobtail cat breed is the descendant of naturally occurring bobtail cats found in the wild. The American Bobtail originated in late 1960s. The original Bobtail bloodline came from a mating between a short-tailed brown tabby male and a seal point Siamese female. Birman, Himalayan and a Himalayan/Siamese cross were then added to the bloodline by the breeders. American Bobtail was accepted for championship status by TICA in 2002 and as Provisional in CFA.

American Bobtail is medium to large sized, sturdy, rugged-looking breed. They are short-tailed cats. They have either short dense coat or a longer, shaggy-appearing coat. American Bobtails have large, oval shaped eyes. The color of the eyes depends upon color of the coat. American Bobtails come in all colors and patterns.

Contrary to its rugged appearance, the American Bobtail is not a wild cat. American Bobtails are playful, energetic, friendly, and intelligent cats. They are very people-oriented and demand human attention.